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And Mission


The vision of the Evangelism 1st Church Training Ministry, Inc.  is to thoroughly train and equip all the churches of Jesus Christ so they can effectively fulfill the Great Commission which is mandated for all and bring churches together on one accord to FUNCTION as ONE BODY IN CHRIST in spreading the Gospel to this lost and dying generation.


  • Bring awareness to the churches the importance of “The Great Commission” (Matthew 28:18-20).

  • Fight back against the Physical and Spiritual battle which the body of Christ is experiencing daily (This Means War).

  • Help strengthen and structure the overall functions of Evangelism/Outreach Ministries of the Church.

  • Help build a closer bond with other churches by working together on one accord in a unify coalition to reach the unsaved and to deal with the many issues that are plaguing our communities.

  • Provide tools, strategies and outreach programs to assist in reaching the Youth and Young Adults of this generation.

  • Provide the churches with practical skills and effective strategies in winning souls for Christ.

  • Provide churches with programs to assist those individuals released from incarceration.

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