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Church Affiliation: Franklin Avenue Baptist Church (FABC): Membership: 29 Years

Church Activities:


  • Evangelism Training Instructor

  • Associate Minister

  • Sunday School Teacher

  • Member of the Evangelism Ministry


In January 2008, Minister Wayne Johnson rededicated his life to CHRIST and accepted his calling as an Evangelist, and he has been on fire ever since.  Minister Wayne Johnson was the Director of Evangelism at FABC from 2011-2015 and has contributed to the growth of the Ministry which presently has 88 members and growing. He is an Evangelism strategist, consultant, and trainer. Minister Wayne Johnson has been training churches throughout the New Orleans Region for the past 2½ years with Positive results. In fact, from 2011-2015, more than 700 people on the streets in the city of New Orleans Accepted CHRIST.

Evangelism 1st church Training Ministry, Inc

Evangelist Wayne Johnson is the Founder and Executive Director of the Evangelism 1st Church Training Ministry Inc.  The Ministry was established in August 2015. The Evangelism 1st Church Training Ministry is a non-profit organization that is designed to train, assist and help with the development of churches in evangelism outreach structure. The Ministry will assist churches in structuring the overall functions of Outreach Ministries and Outreach Events such as: 

  • Evangelism        -  Feeding the Homeless                   -  Nursing Homes

  • Mission              -  Community Block Party Event        -  Other Outreach Events


Evangelist Wayne Johnson has written over 60 Evangelism Training Lessons with positive results. Such Training Lessons as: 

  • How to Approach a Closed Door? (Physically and Spiritually)

  • How to Overcome Your Fear(s) as a Soldier on the Battlefield?

  • How to Witness to Youth and Young Adults of This Generation?

  • Still Standing: How to Stand When You are Wounded on the Battlefield?

  • From a "BENCHWARMER" to a Servant of God

  • From the OUTHOUSE to the KING'S HOUSE

  • How to keep the FIRE Burning?

  • This Means War

Evangelist Wayne Johnson, Sr. has been married to his beautiful wife Shelia for five years. They have two children: Wayne Johnson, Jr. and Delicia J. Johnson.

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